Refrigerated Trailer Fuel


Renting a refrigeration trailer often involves refueling its power unit with diesel fuel.


Whether you are renovating a busy restaurant kitchen, holding an outdoor food festival, or using a refrigerated truck for your seasonal florist business, Nisbet understands a critically important task- refueling these reefer trailers on time.


Nisbet Oil Company provides reliable and affordable refrigerated truck fueling. Our trucks will deliver to your reefer within 24 hours of your call.  We will also fuel your refrigerated truck by appointment.  Nisbet Oil Company has been fueling refrigerated units for over 20 years and can help you determine your estimated usage for your refueling purposes.  Our staff can take the worry out of keeping your reefer running smoothly.


Our premium ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels (ULSD), competitive pricing, and dependable service will keep your refrigerated unit fueled – hassle-free. All of our trucks carry off-road and on-road diesel so we may fuel your entire diesel-powered equipment fleet- trucks, generators, and lights.


Nisbet Oil Company provides high-quality service with experienced professionals. All Nisbet Oil Company drivers are trained and licensed to meet all state and federal regulations.


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