Fleet Fueling Solutions


When your Fleet’s workday is complete, Nisbet Oil Company goes to work for your Fleet.


Logistics efficiency is a key performance indicator for every fleet manager. Nisbet Oil Company provides time and cost-effective onsite fleet fueling, allowing your vehicles to stay on the road longer and deliver more efficiently.


Benefits of Fleet Fueling include 24/7/365 customized service to meet your Fleet’s needs. We include detailed data collection and reporting per truck for simple accounting. Eliminate expensive onsite fuel tanks, equipment, and their required regulatory compliance. Save working capital by eliminating expensive bulk fuel inventory. Continue to better  optimize your fleets efficiency, keep your trucks rolling.


Nisbet has a  competitive offering on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel products. Fueling On site provides Lease compliance with Landlord restrictions on storing bulk fuel because Nisbet fuels your trucks’ tanks as needed. Mobile fueling eliminates waiting time for fuel at the local convenience store or cardlock .


Call Nisbet Oil Company today or email bfreeze@nisbetoil.com to see how our fleet fueling service can help your logistics team be more productive!