Communications Towers


Nisbet understands the critical importance of the reliable operation of your Communication Tower. We are a trusted fuel supply provider for many cell towers, repeaters, radio towers, and other specialized communications facilities in the Carolinas.


Nisbet Oil’s Generator Fuel Service gives you a key part of your reliability plan for backup power. Man-Made and Natural disasters routinely cause unexpected blackouts – hurricanes, ice storms, or small localized power outages. These events regularly test complex Communications systems and the professionals responsible for their proper operation. Nisbet can help you be ready, providing generator refueling, fuel testing, and additive programs.


  • Streamlined Fuel Supply – Nisbet Oil can monitor and forecast weekly fuel consumption for all of your sites to better provide for timely fuel deliveries.  Monitoring by your fuel Supplier relieves your team of the task of monitoring and ordering fuel for your generators. We can help you refuel your backup generators with reliability.
  • Fuel Testing, Fuel Polishing, Additive Solutions – Nisbet provides facility owners with a qualified service provider to routinely and properly test your fuel. Nisbet also can treat the fuel for stability and quality ensuring that your fuel supply and generator tanks are free from contaminants and deterioration.


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